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Word Mail Merge with differnt attachment like excel file, ppt file, pdf etc.

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    Word Mail Merge with differnt attachment like excel file, ppt file, pdf etc.

    Dear All,

    I need one help.

    I use mail merge to forward smilar type of information to group of people.

    To make this work, I use word mail merge with email addresses present in an excel file which is working fine.

    Further, many times, I also need to forward an attachment which is like .doc, .xls or .xlsx or .pdf files.

    Is there any way by which I can attach these files by using word mail merge (as word provides way to make my document well formatted).

    Would appreciate, if experts guide me in this.



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    Re: Word Mail Merge with differnt attachment like excel file, ppt file, pdf etc.

    This is my "off the shelf" from my workbench mailer in Excel. It is up to you to write code to "feed" the arguments such as a list of email addresses and maybe even customizations like adding a person's name or whatever.

    This subroutine takes a number of arguments:
    • Who to mail to
    • Subject
    • Message Body
    • CC (optional)
    • BCC (optional)
    • Attachment (full path name)
    • Send flag

    The Send flag is false by default which means that the mail message will be composed, but not sent. You have a chance to edit it. True means the mail goes out automatically without intervention.

    Multiple attachments can be sent. Use the full path names and separate them by the semicolon (. These attachments can be any kid of file.

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