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Using a pivot table to find total time spent in clinic

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    Using a pivot table to find total time spent in clinic

    Hello everyone,

    I am wanting to use a pivot table that shows how long each specific doctor spends in clinic on various days. I am familiar with pivot tables but I am not sure how to make it do what I want. If we look at Dr Joey for example, you can see he spent 7 hours and 23 minutes in the clinic. I want to use a pivot table to filter by the specific doctor and subtract the checkout time from the appointment time. I know I can manually calculate it but once more data is acquired, it would be much easier doing it this way if possible. It doesnít have to be the exact way I said it. As long as youíre able to help me find the amount of time each doctor spends in the clinic, I will be happy. Thank you for the help.
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    Re: Using a pivot table to find total time spent in clinic

    A quick and dirty way.
    Add a column with the total time and the create the pivot table (see sheet 2 for an idea)
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