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Dynamically link excel chartes and tables in ppt

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    Dynamically link excel chartes and tables in ppt


    I have created few charts and tables in a excel file and have linked the same in ppt. So when I update data in excel it is auto update in ppt.

    I have used the following ways:

    For Charts: I have pasted the chart in ppt with "Source formatting and data link" option and after that i have set the link to auto update from the path: File>Info>Edit Links to file
    For Tables : I have copied, paste special, past link as chart objects.

    This approach is working file on my PC but when I email the ppt and excel file to someone else. And if someone opens the ppt files and press the update link option it is given the message that the file is not linked.

    Can someone tell me why it is not working??

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    Re: Dynamically link excel chartes and tables in ppt

    If the user does not have access to the source file, they can't update it. The end user has to "make do" with a static chart or table.
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