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Copied chart initializes the date axis

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    Copied chart initializes the date axis

    I report the status of development and testing for the releases of a significant system for the State of Michigan. I import data into several worksheets of an Excel workbook which allows me to format it for my reports. I produce, among the reported information, a chart showing the progress of testing effort (test cases passed vs. test cases not passed) from the beginning of testing until the scheduled implementation date. The relevant worksheet is attached. Also attached is a Word document into which is pasted the graph when I send out my reports by email or prepare my working document.

    The problem is that the date axis on the graph after pasting is initialized to Jan 1, 1900. It is easy to see that the dates in the data run from April 20, 2020 to June 13, 2020, with no improperly formatted cells in the Date column which is the source of the Date axis. What's going on with my date axis?

    Unsurprisingly, there are constraints.
    My shop uses Microsoft Office 365. I observed this problem starting last week after my Office installation prompted me for updates, which I accepted. I cannot say that I know this is the origin of the problem.
    Although I have administrator privileges to my machine, software updates are tightly constrained by State of Michigan's network administrators.
    The original spreadsheet resides on a shared network drive, to which I export the raw data from the project management application. The attached spreadsheet was saved to my work computer's desktop then the other worksheets deleted that do not pertain to this problem.
    State of Michigan network constraints do not allow me to access this forum. I emailed the workbook and the copied graph to my personal email account and am composing this on my personal laptop.
    I do not have Office 365 at home, but Office Professional 2016. This problem does not occur when I paste the graph from the worksheet I emailed to myself into a document on my home PC.
    If I Paste the chart as a Picture, the correct dates are shown. This may be an acceptable solution as far as my users are concerned, but I would like to know how I can copy the chart as it is with the correct dates.
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