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Filter Pivot Table Further

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    Filter Pivot Table Further

    I want to be able to take the current pivot table I have set up, and further sort the data it is importing by date, preferably make it automatically filter out all invoices that are more than 2 days old (for example, if ran today, it would not count any invoice dated 5/12 or 5/13). Is this possible with pivot tables, or is there another way I can go about doing this? It would be even better if the date did not need to be updated every time it is used, and it automatically detected the date 2 days before and filtered that.
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    Re: Filter Pivot Table Further

    Sometimes the best way to fix a pivot table problem is by using a helper column in the source data. Hopefully, your data is in an Excel Table.

    In this case, I recommend a helper column with the formula =InvoiceDate >= TODAY()-2. This will be true for Invoices no older than 2 days. Use this as a report filter.
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