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Lookup and return entire row

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    Lookup and return entire row

    What is the best formula to lookup and name in a column and return the entire row if the lookup name is in the 3rd column?

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    Re: Lookup and return entire row

    Probably be best to submit a sample spreadsheet so that we can see the layout, i.e. where is the row to be returned? Also do you want to return the row number or the data from that row?

    If it's the data from the relevant row you're probably best using a macro, otherwise you'd have to copy the formula across the entire row used to output the data from the original.
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    Re: Lookup and return entire row

    Yes, g1terra..
    need more info..
    A sample non sensitive workbook will do..
    You can also refer INDEX MATCH for it..

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    Re: Lookup and return entire row

    Hello g1terra welcome to the forum!

    Your answer will depend if you want the results in multiple columns or just one. I took the liberty of making two different formulas to handle each situation.

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