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How to combine worksheets into one main sheet using formula

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    Question How to combine worksheets into one main sheet using formula


    I'm looking to combine multiple worksheets into one master worksheet without having to manually copy and paste or run commands each time. Ideally, i could update, add a row or column for any single workbook and it would then update the master worksheet. All of the header rows would be the same (except when adding a header row to an individual sheet).

    The goal is to export the master sheet as a a CSV with all values from the other sheets and not have to be concerned with values not copying or rows missing. We're looking at approx 500 rows of data and possibly up to 10 sheets.

    Any advice on the best way to accomplish this would be appreciated.


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    Re: How to combine worksheets into one main sheet using formula

    One solution you may wish to explore is utilizing an INDEX(..SMALL(IF formula.

    This formula is good at consolidating information that meets a given criteria.

    Another popular formula is INDEX(..MATCH(COUNTIF))/INDEX(..MATCH(COUNTIF)) which consolidates lists from multiple sources into a single column.

    I'd recommend attaching a mockup of the type of information you're using, with a desired output. We can help connect the dots.
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