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Search information in a db interval

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    Search information in a db interval

    Good night,

    I have a problem with excel that I can not solve.

    I have a database (Columns K, L and M) and with it I need to fill my column C, as follow image:


    I need a sort of VLOOKUP that looks for the range of column A and B in the range of column K and L to give me the value of M.
    In other words the range, for example from 0 to 31,254, is within which range of column K and L? In gives me type A.

    I can do a lot of "ifs" but the database is much larger than that of the image. I need a way to do this with some function.

    Does anyone know how to help me?

    Thank you

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    Re: Search information in a db interval

    It appears to me that it should be a basic VLOOKUP() function with the approximate match option (4th argument of VLOOKUP() is TRUE or omitted). The approximate match behavior is described in the help file (https://support.office.com/en-us/art...8-93a18ad188a1 ), but almost all of the examples online are for the exact match option. Something like =VLOOKUP(A2,$K$2:$M$13,3,TRUE) will return A.

    Will that work for you? Is there more to the question?
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