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Dates: Compare dates from two sheets

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    Talking Dates: Compare dates from two sheets

    I have two sheets. One has a list of leaves an employee is on in the year. Then another list of employee assignments on cases. I am looking to see during the time a person is on a case, are they on leave during any point of that assignment?

    EmpID Name Type Start End
    37864 Bob On Leave 5/20/2019 5/24/2019
    37864 Bob On Leave 5/25/2019 6/14/2019
    37864 Bob On Leave 6/15/2019 6/24/2019
    37864 Bob On Leave 6/25/2019 7/8/2019
    67543 Mary On Leave 7/1/2019 9/1/2019

    Ecode Name Case Start Date End Date Is Person On Case While on Leave?
    37864 Bob N5LS 4/1/2019 5/27/2019 Yes
    37864 Bob ADP43/5/2019 3/15/2019 No
    37864 Bob Q99 1/28/2019 2/4/2019 No
    37864 Bob D6R 2/4/2019 2/12/2019 No
    37864 Bob PEF 1/14/2019 1/18/2019 No
    67543 Mary HY8H6/1/2019 7/15/2019 Yes

    Essentially I need a way to automatically determine if a person is on leave while on a case assignment.
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    Re: Dates: Compare dates from two sheets

    because i'm using an array formula and using the whole column to range it up will slow the calculation speed, i suggest you convert the Leave worksheet into a Table to make it dynamic.

    use the formula:

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    Re: Dates: Compare dates from two sheets

    One more approach.
    In F2 then copied down.

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