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One cell to update daily as per given data.

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    One cell to update daily as per given data.

    I can't explain the points clearly so I am attaching my sheet here and you can see there are two sheets inside this and SHEET 2's column B is the place where I will put new data according to date and in this sheet I want to update SHEET 1's column E daily but don't want to loose the previous day data. I meant to say column E is now showing a data as per I put a value in column B2 but on next date I will enter new value on B3 and after this new calculation will take place but I do not want o loose the data in SHEET 1's COLUMN E, I just want to add the new value to the previous value and calculations formula will be same everyday. Just the column E's data will be updated with the Sheet2's Column B value. E.g. if column E1 has value 10 and then on 2nd day if it's calculation shows result 2 then 2 will be added in E1 and CELL E1 will be updated as new value 12.
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    Re: One cell to update daily as per given data.

    1. You cannot put a formula in a cell that references itself: circular reference error...
    2. You intend to have dates in sheet2, column A, but you have no dates on sheet1
    3. You have names on sheet1 but none on sheet2 so there's no way to know which row to update
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