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How to extract all filtered results into cells?

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    How to extract all filtered results into cells?

    When you use 'Filter' it shows all records available.


    How can I extract these values in filter into 1 column?

    Expected output:

    Adams Wholesale
    AMB Foods

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    Re: How to extract all filtered results into cells?

    as you have a filter already its safe to assume all these values are already in a column. I am guessing you just want to remove duplicates. Lets assume your values are in column A. copy column A and paste into another column. Highlight that column and then go to the DATA ribbon at the top. Select Remove Duplicates. This will give you all the unique values you are looking for.
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    Re: How to extract all filtered results into cells?

    Another way using ADVANCED FILTER (assuming your data has a header).
    Select your data including header, go to Data Tab>Advanced
    This opens the advanced filter window.

    Enter the first cell in which you wish to copy your data to (i.e. $D$1), and check "Unique Records Only."
    Hit Okay and your unique values will be copied to column D.
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    Re: How to extract all filtered results into cells?

    Hi Eduards,

    I agree with ChemistB. Advanced Filter is a tool that can be used either manually or using VBA to extract Unique Values from a Table of Data with or without 'AutoFilter' being on.

    See the attached VBA code in Ordinary Code module ModAdvancedFilter which is included in the attached sample file. There is also a 'Standalone' version of the code in the attached file.
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    To prevent typos from ruining days and weeks of work 'Option Explicit' is NEEDED at the top of each code module. This prevents errors caused by missspellings and FORCES every variable to be DECLARED (e.g. Dim i as Integer). https://www.excel-easy.com/vba/examp...-explicit.html

    o enable Macros and to Run Macros see the following:
    If help is still needed do a google search for 'youtube excel enable macro' and/or 'youtube excel run macro'.

    To access Visual Basic (VBA) see:
    a. Click on any cell in the Excel Spreadsheet (may not be needed).
    b. ALT-F11 to get to VBA.
    c. CTRL-R to get project explorer (if it isn't already showing).
    d. Double Click on a 'Module Name' in 'Project Explorer' to see code for that module.

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