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Copy, Paste Data from/to non-filtered cells to filtered cells

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    Question Copy, Paste Data from/to non-filtered cells to filtered cells

    Hi Experts,
    In my daily data entry work, I often happen to copy non-filtered data (from a different work sheet) and paste those to a filtered cells of a different work sheet. In other words, the same information in another work sheet has to be copied to a work sheet that has multiple information which can be filtered to match the copied information from the other work sheet.

    I tried to find a solution, but failed. I just installed Kutools also, but I don't know how to used it for this purpose.

    Is there a way through excel? or does Kutools have any option to do this?


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    Re: Copy, Paste Data from/to non-filtered cells to filtered cells

    If you use Power Query to build the first filter and then add to the raw data, and then click on the refresh button, PQ should update the Query (filtered Data) appropriately. Click on the links in my signature regarding Power Query for further help.

    Change an Ugly Report with Power Query
    Database Normalization
    Complete Guide to Power Query
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