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Countif Function

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    Countif Function

    Hello all,

    I have a spreadsheet that I am trying to create a number of formulas on:

    The spreadsheet contains columns of data, columns D, F, I, and L and within these columns are %'s.

    For each row (eg:2) - I want to count the instances that D2, F2, I2 and L2 are greater than 3%. The count if function works great when the Columns between are deleted - but cant figure out a way to look at seperate cells and count on each?

    eg: I am trying to do: =Countif(D2,F2,I2,L2,">3%") but doesn't work as its expecting the criteria once the comma is entered. Is there any way to do this as I need to flag up when more than 2 instances occur.

    Any ideas appreciated.


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    You could use SUMPRODUCT()

    In a spare row, say row 1, mark the columns you want to count with an "I" (for include), in this example D1, F1, H1 & L1. (If there had been an equal gap between the columns you could avoid even this step and use a MOD() function in the formula below - but no matter).

    Now use the formula:

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    Excellent - Works a treat.

    Another formula that I am trying to do within the same sheet - is to identify if any of the selected cells (D2,F2,I2,L2) are within 0.1% of each other.

    So if D2: 0.15% , F2: 0.23% then flag
    of ir F2: 0.15% , L2: 0.12% then Flag

    There are also negative % within these cells.

    Any idea's?

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