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Formula to open external file with especific program (like open with)

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    Formula to open external file with especific program (like open with)


    I was making a list of my karaoke songs to run the karaokes from the list but I found a big problem while trying to execute my zipped karaoke files. I set in Windows kar, wmv and cdg+mp3 files to open by default with my karaoke player software which is KaraFun Player, so with those I have no problem at all, I just need a simple hyperlink to the file and that's it.

    But I cannot do this with zipped files, it's not handy at all to have all zipped files in my computer to open with a music player... So I need a formula, a macro, vba or something (sorry I don't know much about this) to open the zipped files with KaraFun Player, something like 'open the zipped file with KaraFunPlayer.exe'

    In Dos Cmd or Run command this is very easy to do, I just have to type this and that's it:
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    My Excel sheet is as simple as this (my formula says HIPERLIGAÇÃO which is HYPERLINK in portuguese):

    I need to add to the formula the location of karafunplayer.exe inserted in F2 to create that kind of open with, but I tried it in many different ways with no luck...
    I uploaded a file with the sheet and the necessary files to test here

    Is there a way I can do this, from my Excel sheet open an external file with a program other than the default program set to open those file types?

    Thank you very much.
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