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HELP Using the =if formula (or a more suitable one for my needs).

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    HELP Using the =if formula (or a more suitable one for my needs).

    Good Afternoon all.

    I have an excel document I use for my shops sales projections. To help me do my rosters each day.

    The file 7 tabs for each day, each tab has 4 columns.

    The first is the time in 30 minute intervals (6am, 6.30am, 7am, etc - Never changes)

    The second is the projected sale I project to do in the 1/2 hour time frame ($80, $130, $310). I type this in manually each day when looking at yesterday, last week and last years sales.

    The third column is an accumulated sales column from open until that time (easy formula =sum(B1-B2) =sum(B1-B4)

    COLUMN 4 - THE TRICKY ONE, The forth column is the number of crew I should have on for that half an hour period.
    Sales $0 to $100 = 2 employees
    Sales $100 to $200 = 3 employees
    and so on . .

    At the moment I have to manual type it out the number of crew but I want to put in a formula which works it out for me.
    something along the lines of if B1 is between 0-100 D1 = 2, if B1 is between 101-200 D1=3, if B1 is between 201-300 D1 =4 all the way up to 9 crew.

    Help please???

    Thanks in advanced


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    Re: HELP Using the =if formula (or a more suitable one for my needs).

    Hi and welcome to the forum

    If your sales are in A1 down, try this in B1, copied down...
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    Re: HELP Using the =if formula (or a more suitable one for my needs).

    Hi Tom,

    Try this formula:
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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