I have one master Excel workbook that acts as a log-in (or gateway) file (1MB) and then each passworded link in this file opens up a separate larger workbook for each logged in memeber to use (10MB+ per link (20-30 Links).

I want the user to be able to save (Done through Macros), manipulate and interact with the data in the files BUT I don't want them to be able to see the excel menus and be able to Edit the pages, copy or save the files.

In Excel 2003 there was an 'Add Interactivy' button in the 'Save as a Webpage' file menu that seems to have been removed that would of been perfect for what I was looking for...

I can't use SkyDrive because it keeps telling me that the file exceeds their 5MB 'view online' limit, and it prompts the user to download and save the file (which defeats the object of what I want).

Basically... I want people to type in an address, for it to open an Interactive log-in workbook. For them to use the Log-in workbook to open their own personal Interactive workbook or 'Profile' and be able to Interact with it at SHEET LEVEL ONLY. (No menus, no editting, no copying, so saving etc.)

I've created all of the Excel files I need to compele this task (offline) and it works perfectly- I just need it to work online!

The files are Xlsm files and over 10MB.

Thanks in advance for any help!