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Run-Time Error - Only when file "Opened" from server, works if file saved on local machine

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    Run-Time Error - Only when file "Opened" from server, works if file saved on local machine

    This is very strange and does not effect all machines. I have a file stored on a SharePoint site. If I send a link to the file in an email, some computers are getting:

    Run-Time error '-2147417848 (80010108)':Method'_Default' of object 'SlicerCaches' failed

    whenever they click an object that runs a macro reseting the Pivot Table Slicer filters.

    Other machines run the code with no problem. Making it even stranger is that the machines with the error work fine if the file is saved to their local machine or sent to them as an attachement in an email. The error can only be recreated when the file is OPENed versus SAVEed after clicking the link.

    The macro resetting the filters is shown below.

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    Re: Run-Time Error - Only when file "Opened" from server, works if file saved on local mac

    This sounds like a security issue. Is the problem actually affecting machines or users? In other words, if a user of a problem machine logged onto one of the working machines can they access the file successfully? If not, it might be worthwhile comparing user access rights.
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