Hello Friends,

I have a new project and I do not know where to begin. I was hoping someone would point me in the correct direction so I could at least get started. Here is the goal:

Quality reviews all forms in hospital. We need a workbook that can track all the documents and select them according to specific criteria. For example let's say there are 30 steps that are involved in approving a form. Step 1 might be determining the paper it would be printed on. Step 14 might be creating a bar-code for the form while step 27 might be determining a schedule and print location for printing. Of course I am making all of this up. Right now we are dealing wiht 500+ forms and none are indexable except by their numerical name. What I would like to create is a workbook that allows me to index these form based on what stage they are in. I would like to pull up all forms that are in stage 27 or stage 14 or whatever stage the committee is prepared to make decisions on.

Short form: 500 documents, 30 stages to approval, want workbook that can index documents according to name or any of the 30 stages the document may be in.