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Conditional formatting time conflicts

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    Conditional formatting time conflicts


    I have a list which contains a list of activities including duration.

    I would like to have conditional formatting highlight any duplicates e.g. in my data set activities 1,3,4 and 6 should flag red as activity 4 runs over the other activities.

    In the attached example I have manually highlighted red the conflicts.
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    Re: Conditional formatting time conflicts

    This is a partial solution to your query in that it will only highlight offending lines, those that overlap previous entries and not those that are being overlapped. So in the case of your file it will highlight activity 6 as it overlaps the times for activities 1,3, and 4.
    I applied the conditional formatting to F12:I35, which omits the first activity in the table as that one can not run over any previous activity times. The CF formula is:
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