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Create UI based on data from excell

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    Create UI based on data from excell

    I have a huge master sheet in excel containing all data bout my employees.
    Everything from bithdays, start dates, salary etc.

    I want to present this data in a better way.
    I want to present it in a user interface, like contact cards for each employee.

    I know very little about VBA and the userforms that can be created... is this a good way?
    Or is there a easier way to build a UI and import data from excell somehow?

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    Re: Create UI based on data from excell

    I know very little about VBA ... userforms ... is this a good way?
    Probably not.

    As a learner, it would be much simpler to lay out a blank worksheet with all the relevant details, have 1 cell as an 'input' box for name or ID and formulas to find/display using VLOOKUP (or whatever you prefer) to display the details.

    You can then start to introduce elements of VBA to cover functionality you cannot implement using formulas.

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