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Auto-Updating Excel Calendar With To-Do List

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    Question Auto-Updating Excel Calendar With To-Do List


    So I recently started a new job and one of my first tasks is to create an auto-updating calendar in Excel to help plan the rest of our year. I',m not the best with Excel which is why I am reaching out for assistance.

    Basically I just need assistance with finding the best way to create a calendar of the full year and have a list that coincides with it which you can add tasks/dates to, which will then automatically populate the corresponding cells on the calendar.

    I've attached an example template that I found through Microsoft and made a dummy list of tasks that I would need to populate the actual calendar on their specified dates.

    In the end the idea would be to conditional format/color code certain things that are related to each other so that the presentation of the calendar is easy to digest.

    I appreciate any help and assistance with this!

    Please let me know if you need any clarification, etc.
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    Re: Auto-Updating Excel Calendar With To-Do List

    Hello jk2391 and Welcome to Excel Forum.
    Although there are some contributors that are expert in the area of calendars, I am not one.
    That said, here is a link to a ready made 'to do' Excel calendar that might meet your needs.
    I hope this will be of some help.
    Consider taking the time to add to the reputation of everybody that has taken the time to respond to your query.

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