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Problem in vlookup formula in e-mail data

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    Problem in vlookup formula in e-mail data

    I have an outlook email data. My final aim is to do email marketing on this final outlook data. So, I need e-mail and name of the person to send those e-mails. I already cleaned email data but some of the emails I am not able to find the customer name. In order to find customer name, I am using body of the email and then text cleaning. I have used vlookup to find but unable to do the task successfully as we need to exchange multiple email to one clients.

    I have two tabs 1. original data 2. e-mails matched. So, in e-mails matched I want the body of those email ids. You get body from original data. Data is already attachedwith name "Proof excel data". If there is any other way in excel that we can do this task, please let me know.
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    Re: Problem in vlookup formula in e-mail data

    I have removed your attachment. It looks as though it contained many, many REAL email addreses. This is a violation of the Data Protection laws that apply here in Ireland and, probably, also in Oz. It was also very large, but that is a side issue.

    Please re-attach a SMALL set of imaginary email addresses with expected solutions. Usually 10-20 rows is plenty. No-one is going to want to manually check 1Mb++ of a zip file full of email addresses!!

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