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Roll up and sorting

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    Roll up and sorting

    I'm attempting to make a report for multiple managers.
    Level 1 managers should be able to see just their employees.
    Level 2 managers should be able to see all the employees of the level 1 managers they're in charge of.
    Level 3 managers should be able to see all the employees of the level 2 managers they're in charge of.
    Et cetera.

    The report will be sorted by project code. Each project code has an "owner," a level 1 manager. Is there a way to make the report and then sort the report for each manager.

    For instance, if manager D is in charge of manager A, B and C, can manager D sort by his name and have it recall all the employees under A, B and C?

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    Re: Roll up and sorting

    You could probably just make a table out of all the data & they would be able to reference this.

    If you dont want the lower managers to see the upper managers' data, what you could probably do is protect the cells from user modification.

    If this is smth you think would help you, you can select all the data that you want to be in a drop down table type list, then (in Excel 2007) go to Home > Styles > Format as Table. Then pick the table style that you would like.

    From there, if you dont want the user to manipulate the data or you only want certain data available, modify the data to what level you would like then go to Review > Protect Sheet & then choose your password & the type of data that the user is able to modify (if any).

    Let me know if that works for you.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Roll up and sorting

    See the attachment.

    This sheet started out as an unordered list of employee IDs, the supervisor ID for each employee, and the employee name (which is cosmetic to purpose). The supervisor name is a formula (also cosmetic).

    The reporting chain column (E) was created by a macro (which has already been run) that orders the employees into an indented list. I (just now) added an Autofilter.

    Here's the possible utility to you:

    Select column E, and customer-filter for Contains 10140. You will see Mr. Howe's organization.
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