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Excel 2007 : Macro to add Pivot table Data fields

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    Macro to add Pivot table Data fields


    I have data on sheet4 which has 13 columns in total 1st being the heading. Now i want to create a pivot table on sheet5. Problem is that the no. of rows change and also the number of columns. Sometimes the columns will be 12, or 6 or 8. I have a macro to dim the selection range and then it creates the pivot table on sheet 5 but does not add heading to row label and rest of the columns to datafield as i dont know the code to specify for changing columns.

    Please Help.!!

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    Re: Macro to add Pivot table Data fields

    It's not really clear to me what you're overall workflow is here - ie are you constantly adding a new Pivot or is it your intention to use a single dynamic range as the source for the Pivot ?

    In terms of automating the addition of fields to the PT, in basic terms:

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    adjust as necessary... in terms of determining the data source that should be straightforward enough I think ?

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