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Creating active drop down lists, with prices and other variable

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    Creating active drop down lists, with prices and other variable

    Hi all, i am relatively new to this but learning quickly.

    I need help with my excel spreadsheet i'm making to use for quotations. I would like to have a drop down for the 3 purchase options of our products (Purchase, Hire and Hire from new). Then on the Item Information/product list, when an item is selected the relevant price to appear in an adjacent column labelled RATE. Each product will have 3 different prices based on the 3 product options. If that makes sense.
    I have all the data/prices and products input into a separate sheet in the workbook. Please help.
    The format is simple, Row along the top for 3 purchase options(in drop down list), with 3 rows below. Product(in drop down list), quantity (to be entered manually) and Rate(auto input based on purchase option + selected Product from list)
    Along with a total amount at the bottom.
    Any help is much appreciated


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    Re: Creating active drop down lists, with prices and other variable

    Welcome to the forum!

    This question has been asked many times, so there are lots of threads that are relevant; however, you could do worse than by starting here: http://www.contextures.com/xlDataVal02.html

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