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How to auto populate date range (working days only) from start date and end date

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    How to auto populate date range (working days only) from start date and end date

    Hi I am now trying to create a excel macro to auto populate all the dates with reference to a start date and end date. The catch is that only working days are required in the range. My reference cells (start and end date) are in Sheet 1 while the destination cell range are in Sheet 2. The reason for creating a macro instead of a function is that the intervals between the start date and end date changes frequently (annual, semi-annual and quarterly) Best case scenario would be a button which I can just press after i input the dates to generate the range of dates in another sheet. Would appreciate any assisstance on this thanks!

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    Re: How to auto populate date range (working days only) from start date and end date

    Within a macro you can easily refer to worksheethunctions. Here you shall refer to
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    or workday.intl (depending on your excel version - please edit this info in your profile http://www.excelforum.com/profile.php?do=editprofile)
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