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Cannot delete single series from Chart using VBA

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    Cannot delete single series from Chart using VBA

    I'm trying to delete one series from a chart using vba. I turned on the macro recorder and got the following lines of VBA (I'm using Office 2013):


    When I execute this code it crashes Excel. However, when I put a breakpoint on "Selection.delete" and step through it, series 3 is correctly deleted and then I can continue the macro without problems. Is this a bug in Excel?

    I had something similar working with Office 2010 (ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(3).Delete), but that no longer works and neither has a number of other variations on this theme. Is there another way to delete a single series? In my case it is always series 3.



    Update 1: I've tried just using a two statement macro to delete series 3 from an existing chart with 3 series:


    The above works. It just doesn't work in my larger program. I've also tried putting the above two lines in a sub routine, but Excel still hangs unless I put a break point on the Selection.delete and step through it and then resume executing.

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    Re: Cannot delete single series from Chart using VBA

    Please attach an example excel file...
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    Re: Cannot delete single series from Chart using VBA

    Try this:


    If that doesn't do it, try this:


    The FullSeriesCollection object was introduced in Excel 2013 to enable filtering of the chart without mucking with the data (a great feature), but there may be inconsistencies with how it was implemented in VBA.
    Jon Peltier

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