Hi All,

I have an inquiry about the WSDL in Excel VBA.
The target WSDL is https://www3.bcb.gov.br/wssgs/services/FachadaWSSGS
some help about this WSDL is in https://www3.bcb.gov.br/sgspub/JSP/s...hadaWSSGS.wsdl
other info about this WSDL is in https://www3.bcb.gov.br/sgspub/JSP/s...gsAjudaIng.jsp

I wrote a VBA macro to get a value for the code "3122" for the period "01/02/2014"
use this code need to enable MS XML in the reference of VBE.
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but I tried many time to write code to get the list of the value from 01/01/2014 to 01/01/2015. I can't find the method.
I saw the website state I should use the method "getValoresSeriesXML". but I don't know how to handle the array in the soap envelope.
Would you help to advise some other method to do it? Much appreciated.