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Real Time Updates to a Shared Excel Call Log

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    Real Time Updates to a Shared Excel Call Log

    I have been working on a call log workbook with Excel 2010 that has two sheets: Sheet 1 is a call log form that has 4 fields to document call information then a save button on the bottom to run a macro that copies the data and pastes it into sheet 2 to log the information. I have tried sharing this workbook on the local network and making sure that all users can edit, but this does not allow real time updates, and does not allow everyone to input data unless someone allows their data to save or the others data to save in which causes their data to be visible or the others.

    I tried sharing this on OneDrive but since it is Excel 2010 it has to be opened via Excel on the desktop and not the web. I know that Access is the best route to take but my company doesn't want to pay for access for everyone in the office.

    Is there a way to share a workbook in excel with multiple people and have it save all users inputs and update real time?

    Is there anything in VBA that can be written to allow real time updates and to save all shared users changes without overwriting others changes?

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    Re: Real Time Updates to a Shared Excel Call Log

    Your company does not have to pay for Access for everyone in the office. The only people who need a full access license are the developers. Other people can use free, runtime-only licenses. The runtime-only license allows the user to run all existing reports, use existing queries and forms and do complete data update. The only thing they can't do is modify anything, or create anything new. This is probably what you want anyway.

    On the other hand. You can have an Access back end, and get to it from Excel without the need for any Access licensing at all. This works out OK if the people using the Excel spreadsheets are readers of the data. Without programming, they can't talk back to the data. If they merely need to see the latest information, then the built-in tool MS-Query can bring the data to them you can even pass parameters in case some people need some data and others other data. MS-Query has an option to refresh data every x minutes.

    Other schemes involve reading from and writing to CSV files, but there is a concurrency issue there. The last person to save wins!
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