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pre-populating combox text fields

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    pre-populating combox text fields

    Hi, I'm a bit of a newbie to VBA and would like to reach out to other's expertise to help me with the following.

    I have an Excel 2013 workbook containing 5 worksheets.

    I am trying to use a clickable button on sheet 1 that opens a combobox to allow the user to edit a row of data in sheet 2.

    (Sheet 1 already contains other buttons that successfully allow the user to input data and inserts that data into sheet 2 at the next empty row)

    I want the new combobox to allow the user to select, via the first dropdown box, a serial number from Sheet 2 column 1 (I have achieved this successfully via the rowsource named range reference.

    I need the other text boxes in the combo box to pre-populate with the corresponding row values relative to the serial number selected so that the user can quickly make edit changes to the data rather than re-type everything.

    I hope that makes sense.

    I thought the code below may sort it but have had no success yet. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: pre-populating combox text fields

    Hi Backstop,

    I have attached a workbook that may provide some assistance. If you hit the "Edit Data" button, a userform will pop up that has a combobox with the list of data in column A and then as items are picked within that combobox, it updates the corresponding text boxes for Columns B through D.

    Hope that helps,

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    Re: pre-populating combox text fields

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you so much, after a bit of re-jigging I managed to get that to work and my Userform now populates with the correct row of data according to my serial number. However,

    I also have a routine via a save button within the same userform that previously wrote the contents of the userform text fields to the worksheet. The layout of the userform allows the user to enter a different serial number into a new text box (so as to not disrupt the serialnumber search and populate box) I am looking for the existing text boxes that have been pre-populated to be over written/edited and re-written to the corresponding row. All that happens when I run the full userform routine is the Combobox fields are correctly pre-populated but only the blank 'New' serial number text box is correctly written and none of the other pre-filled and edited boxes are written to the sheet.

    Here is the Save routine code. Any further help greatly appreciated.


    Private Sub Save_Click()
    Dim strPassword As String
    strPassword = "**********"
    Sheets("Stock In").Unprotect strPassword
    On Error GoTo NotFound

    Sheets("Stock In").Select

    With ActiveSheet

    Set ValueFound = .Cells.Find(Me.SerialNumber)
    ValueFound.Offset(, 0) = Me.EditSerialnumber:
    ValueFound.Offset(, 1) = Me.EditDate
    ValueFound.Offset(, 2) = Me.EditMake
    ValueFound.Offset(, 3) = Me.EditModel

    End With


    Sheets("Stock In").Protect strPassword
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True

    End Sub


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