Hi! I am looking to basically automate a bunch of find/replace. I have Original/Replacement data in Column A (Orig) and Column B (Replacement) of one sheet in a workbook "Conversion Table" and thgere are 16 text files where I need to use the conversion table. This is a repetitive weekly task. Over time, the contents of the Conversion Table will expand with more rows of original/replacement text (currently there are 21 rows).

Within the 16 *.txt files, I need to FIND the Original text and REPLACE. The *.txt files will also contain plenty of data which won't be replaced.

The 16 *.txt files are data query results being used by a macro to update a report. Before updating the report, this FIND/REPLACE needs to happen.

The 16 *.txt files are located in a folder structure like this:

Top Folder
--Subfolder 1
----Subfolder 1a - 1 file
----Subfolder 1b - 1 file
--Subfolder 2
----Subfolder 2a - 1 file
----Subfolder 2b - 1 file
--Subfolder 5
----Subfolder 5a - 1 file
----Subfolder 5b - 1 file
--Subfolder 6 - 11 files

Every .txt file within the Top Folder can be acted upon by this FIND/REPLACE. Ideally, the FIND matches to total cell contents.

I've seen some posts, tips, which get at some of this (single text replacement across sheets, or using arrays to replace on files in one folder, but I'm not sure how to handle the multi-text, multi-folder scenario...sorry if this is clearly covered elsewhere...

Thanks for any advice!