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Attempting to Add Column with Corresponding Sheet

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    Attempting to Add Column with Corresponding Sheet

    Hello, I'm new to VBA. I'm trying to search row 5 of a sheet and after every time a cell contains the phrase "Skymaster", a new column is inserted to the right with a InputBox-specified name. I would then like to add a sheet to the workbook with the same InputBox-specified name. Here is the code I have so far; for some reason it works the first time, but after that I get a 1004 error.

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim givenname
    For a = 1 To ActiveSheet.Cells(5, Columns.Count).End(xlToRight).Column
    If ActiveSheet.Cells(5,a).Value = "Skymaster" Then
    givenname = InputBox("Enter Name of New Aircraft", "New Aircraft")
    Cells(5, a + 1).Value = givenname
    a = a + 1
    End If
    Next a
    Dim WS As Worksheet
    Set WS = Sheets.Add
    Sheets.Add.Name = givenname
    End Sub

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    Re: Attempting to Add Column with Corresponding Sheet

    Welcome to the forum!

    Off the bat, there are two quick issues that jump out at me. First, your For-Next loop runs from a=1 to a=LastColumn, but the moment you hit a Skymaster and insert a column to the right, then the LastColumn in your loop is no longer the actual LastColumn. In cases like this, it's usually smarter to move from a=LastColumn to a=1 using Step -1, so that you're moving backwards through the columns and inserting columns behind the direction of your loop. Secondly, you're only adding worksheets after the loop is complete, so if there are multiple Skymaster entries, it doesn't look like you'd currently be adding multiple sheets.

    More importantly, perhaps, diagnosing and updating code by sight and with incomplete context is inexact and inefficient. The best way to get useful help is to attach a small sample workbook (use Go Advanced > Manage Attachments to open the uploader). Make sure you remove any private data. Using an attachment, we should be much better able to see what the error is pointing to and what the procedure is/isn't doing as intended.

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