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Copying/pasting and deleting

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    Copying/pasting and deleting

    HI experts!

    I hope you guys can help, I am running into problems left and right. Here is what I am attempting to do. I have a form with a listbox, if the user click the data in the listbox, it populates the texboxes. No problem there. The problem is that I would like the user to click "save" and that item is deleted from the sheet "MasterFile" and paste into "Tracker". I attempted to do copy/paste. But what I really would like to do is delete the selected item (from MasterFile) and copy that to the "Tracker" sheet. Please see the 3 attached snapshots.

    Thank you experts, need your assistance!
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    Re: Copying/pasting and deleting

    It may be easier if you attach a sample workbook (without confidential info) so we can test a solution.

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