So i got a bit of a (at least for me) complicated task:

I want to have an automation that creates new subfolders within also newly automatically created folders and then moves alot of files from other multiple folders into those new ones according to the info that is found within my excell table.
(I am running windows 10 and excel 2013 (dont know why work isnt updating it tho)

To clarify my problem:
I work for a videogame voice over company and we want to run some audio analysis of specific takes and voice actors.

The files are only sorted by project and then by session etc. and then its just the files sorted by their filenames but no folders for characters or actors.
I gathered all the needed info of which voice actor spoke what file and what ingame character it is supposed to be in an excell table.

So it should check the filename, then create a new folder for who spoke in that recording/file and then within that create a new folder with the name of what charecter it was and THEN move the according file into that folder.

I dont have any expirience with VBA or coding, what is my main problem i guess.

Allthough the Actor folder is not that super important as there we already would have a workaround so the most important part is to create folders within those and to move the files accordingly but still it would be nice to do all at once also in the future and to always have an excell tool ready.

I hope i didnt explain to often the same thing but i just wanted it to be clear!

Thx so much already in advance!