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Excel select cell on condition for Mail Merge Word

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    Excel select cell on condition for Mail Merge Word


    I hope someone can help out on this issue. I have an excel workbook that feeds to a Word Doc mail merge. I am having issues constructing a workable merge field on one entry of the word document.
    From my worksheet I have 3 different cells to pull data. One is an Identifier with either 95941 or G0453 as an entry. The others are calculated times. One in hour units. The other in 15 min increments.

    Data pull sheet is A2:BK2

    My goal: If identifier 95941 (cell T2) is listed in the worksheet, then take hours from Cell Z2 of my sheet. If the Identifier G0453 (cell T2) is listed, then take time from BK2. The time selection should then go to the Merge field of the word document.

    Any thoughts?

    Attached is a screen shot of some of the Word Document. Highlighted is the field I am working on.

    Many thanks in advance,
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