My workbook has two list boxes, one that has a list of states (+ DC) and the other that has a list of markets in those states. The second list box populates based on the states selected in the first list box. Both list boxes are as a result rather lengthy.

I designed this workbook in Excel 2007 for Windows. On Windows I can select items in either list box and whatever I click on in the list box will be correctly selected. This works as well in the latest version of Excel for Windows on other computers.

When I send this workbook to a Mac user (using the latest desktop app) the list boxes show up very strangely - the items are vertically compressed so the Mac user is unable to easily read what each item is in the list box. Resizing the list boxes allows them to show up correctly on the Mac and items can be selected correctly. However, when the workbook is saved and sent back to a Windows Excel user, the list boxes look fine but only the top 1-2 items on the list box respond correctly when clicked on. Below the top item or two the selected item will end up being between 1-4 items below the one that is actually clicked on, making the list box essentially unusable. Resizing the list box will correct this behavior.

This means, then, that I need to have a Windows version and a Mac version of the same workbook for users depending on their platform of choice (once delivered to the end user the workbook will be locked so resizing the list boxes will not be possible, and that's a clumsy workaround anyway).

Has anyone run into this and come up with a way to have this work correctly across both platforms in a way that doesn't require the end user to change anything?

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