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line transfer of data to same sheet but on line 50 using 1 of 3 specific cells same line

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    line transfer of data to same sheet but on line 50 using 1 of 3 specific cells same line


    I am attempting to transfer line data to a specific line location on the same sheet by entering data into 1 of 3 specific cells on the same line. Cells A5-L5 are data filled then cells M5, N5, O5 would be the target cells that when data is entered into one of them the entire line would move to line 50 and color light blue to show completed. the original line would then be blank.

    Thank you for your kind assistance,

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    Hello Elvis007,

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    Re: line transfer of data to same sheet but on line 50 using 1 of 3 specific cells same li

    Thank you, I am looking forward to learning much.

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    Re: line transfer of data to same sheet but on line 50 using 1 of 3 specific cells same li

    Hi Elvis007
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    It is usually worth it in the long run.


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