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Making a Vacation tracker

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    Making a Vacation tracker

    I am trying to make a tracker for approved vacation. Currently I send out a request to my team they go thru and request their dates and then I give a yes or no type answer. once i approve it then that subtracts the numbers of day from how many days they have for the year vacation. Now i am needing to make sure i have 4 people on vacation per week for all 52 weeks. which would be easy if i required my people to take their vacation in full weeks but i don't want to have to do that. i would like to allow them to have say Thursday and Friday off. Then i would need to track the remaining days of that week so that i can ensure that i have 4 people off per week. I added a year calendar to another sheet and would like that when i click approve that it would also add a count to that day so when it it 4 people off for that day it will turn red. Or at least something that i can check at a quick glance. Also would be able to see at a quick glance home many more people i need to get to that 4 mark. i have attached a sample of what i already have. i did reduce the number of employees on my sample but normally i would have 60 total. Any help on this would be amazing thank you.
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    Re: Making a Vacation tracker

    Hello SmoothDawg and Welcome to Excel Forum.
    Is your team playing for the SEC championship this weekend?
    I am not a calendar expert, however I feel that the layout of the data in the file attached to post #1 is going to be difficult to work with.
    Take a look at the file attached to post #7 of the thread linked below and see if, with modification, it would be acceptable for your purposes.
    Consider taking the time to add to the reputation of everybody that has taken the time to respond to your query.

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