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Set timer/clock on emails?

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    Set timer/clock on emails?

    Hello! So, in my line of work I have a 4 hour response time to any email I have that comes in. I am trying to find a way to basically set a countdown/timer on emails so when the email is getting close to the 4 hour mark, it's flagged. Anything to distinguish that I need to respond soon.

    Any ideas? I've spent all afternoon searching for Macros. Problem is, I can't use add-ins as it's restricted by the administrator so I have to use a VBA Macro or even a rule.

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    Re: Set timer/clock on emails?

    Welcome to the forum.

    Have a look at the code here: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Fo...-new-mail-item

    It uses the DateAdd() function (documented here) to set 8 minutes. You want 4 hours, so change the DateAdd("n", 8, Now) to DateAdd("h", 4, Now).

    Note: I have not tried this code myself, so cannot guarantee it.

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