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Best Chart to show employee's average working time!

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    Best Chart to show employee's average working time!

    I need to make a chart for the following data.
    Standard working time is 9 hours (this is fixed value)
    Average Productive hrs of employee (in this case) 8:38 hrs
    Variance is the difference between the two i.e. 00:22 hrs

    I want Standard time to fixed.
    And Avg and Variance on the same bar.

    If possible the colour of variance can change with the two conditions.
    Avg > Standard time
    Avg < Standard time

    I want a best way to showcase that the employee is lagging behind the required time or he is exceeding the standard time.

    Methods other than charts can also be used.I just want to visual show the data...
    Thank you.
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    Re: Best Chart to show employee's average working time!

    See http://www.contextures.com/JPChartIndex.htm

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    Re: Best Chart to show employee's average working time!

    one way is to plot just the variance for employees

    use two series, one on each of the primary and secondary axis.
    Have the horizontal scales going in opposite directions, so the problem of negative time is removed.
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