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Returning a value by matching two dates

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    Returning a value by matching two dates


    I have made an excel to illustrate what i want to do.

    In the two grey fields in Column B & C, I want to retrieve the value in the rows "Investment I, Investment 2 & Investment 3" at the respective date, which is shown in the row under it.

    I've tried using the LOOKUP formula as you can see without success. Also I dont know how to include the triple condition of 3 different investments for 3 different dates....

    Can anyone aid me in this?

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    Re: Returning a value by matching two dates

    Is this what you are looking for? For the sake of your scrolling finger, I hid rows 9:948. I used this formula
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    If you would prefer zeros to blanks, replace "" with 0
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    My 2

    substitute commas with semi-colons if your region settings requires
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    Re: Returning a value by matching two dates

    It's not very clear what you want, but try this formula in B9:


    Note that you may need to use semicolons ( ; ) instead of commas ( , ) in the formula, depending on your regional settings.

    Then copy it into C9, and then copy both formulae down as far as you need them.

    Hope this helps.


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