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Barcode Scanner help

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    Post Barcode Scanner help

    Hi, hope you're all well

    I need some help with scanning a barcode into excel and the fields filtering correctely.The barcode scanner i use is a Honeywell 1400g
    This is the headings i need -
    GTIN barcode data - example 05060534754683
    Expiry Date - example 2025-10
    Lot Number - example 1234567 89
    Product information - name of product

    When i scan the barcode the data doesnt fill the fields out correctely, how do i do that?

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    Re: Barcode Scanner help

    Use the barcode to fill a cell.

    Do a VLOOKUP (of the barcode data) in your database of all barcodes (usually a different workbook sheet).

    When located, copy that row of data into the appropriate fields.

    You can perform the VLOOKUP one of two ways :

    #1: place your VLOOKUP code in the Worksheet Change event so it automatically searches.

    #2: place your VLOOKUP code in a separate macro that is activated via a command button. Click the command button to perform the search.

    There are plenty of examples from others on this Forum and others ... as well as on the internet.

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