This is the first time I've used code in excel so I'm very green any help with resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

I have several checkboxes that do two things whether they are checked or not: unhide/hide a sheet and unhide/hide a specific date picker. Hiding/Unhiding their respective sheets is working perfectly; but the Date Picker is having a reliability issue that I don't understand. It seems like there is a hirearchical issue with CheckBox1.

The Date Picker is set to be invisible upon sheet opening. When CheckBox1 is selected for the first time, the Date Picker control becomes visible but is grayed out. If I uncheck it and check it again, the Date Picker will then appear and will work reliably after that.

When any of the other CheckBoxes are checked, their respective Date Pickers appear but are grayed out and reamain grayed out regardless of how many times I check and uncheck the box. They will only begin working when CheckBox1 is checked and unchecked two or three times. Then, they will all magically work perfectly without a hitch.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?

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