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Conditional Formatting Rules for an Appointment Scheduler

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    Question Conditional Formatting Rules for an Appointment Scheduler

    I am working with Excel 2013 and successfully created a schedule for one month for our nurse practitioner to use to block their time efficiently when providing medical treatment for our clients. Some treatment may take 15 minutes others up to 45 minutes. In creating this schedule I successfully have the conditional formatting rule filling 3 rows (=45 minutes), however it's filling the 2 slot above or earlier than the selected appointment time.

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    The date is in Column A and time in Column B. The information I'm searching for is the word "RPR" in Column H. The conditional formatting would be in B2:K226. Here is what the Conditional Formatting Rule looks like:

    =SEARCH("RPR",$H1) Applied to =$B:$K
    =SEARCH("RPR",$H2) Applied to =$B:$K
    =SEARCH("RPR",$H3) Applied to =$B:$K

    It does that I was looking to do, however, in the wrong direction. Could anyone provide some feedback on how to rewrite the formula or use other conditional formatting formulas that could do this? It seems like a simple fix, but I've racked my brain long enough. I can send the link if anyone would like to look at it.

    Thank you!
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    Re: Conditional Formatting Rules for an Appointment Scheduler

    In row 2, use this one condition.

    In row 3, use this...
    =SEARCH("RPR",$H2 & $H3)

    In Row 4 on down, use this...
    =SEARCH("RPR",$H2 & $H3 & $H4)

    You'll have to adjust the conditions for each break and day change.
    Surround your VBA code with CODE tags e.g.;
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