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Internet explorer crashing interrupts macro

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    Internet explorer crashing interrupts macro

    Hello! I am currently running an automation that downloads files from a site based on the dates provided in an excel doc. I am using internet explorer for this but it crashes frequently and interrupts the automation. How should I make this so that when internet explorer crashes, it will close the error message and run the macro from the beginning?

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    Re: Internet explorer crashing interrupts macro

    Hello hisuh1,

    We cannot help you sort out a code problem if you don't provide us the code that is causing the problem.
    Leith Ross

    Remember To Do the Following....

    1. Use code tags. Place [CODE] before the first line of code and [/CODE] after the last line of code.
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    3. Please mark your post [SOLVED] if it has been answered satisfactorily.

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