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Review previous written codes used on another file, and rewrite for this program

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    Review previous written codes used on another file, and rewrite for this program

    Hi All

    To moderator's if my " Title " does not comply PLEASE advise.

    I have a variation on my Word finder program, this one has a set of clues which will be on the " Finder sheet" cells B21 to R26

    I am using the same coding that Justin wrote, which is what I would like modified to suit this particular program.

    1/ On the "Finder" sheet cell B1 shows the words obtained and what the remainder is left to find which will reside on the
    " Clues " sheet Cell A1, which will contain all the words that will be available.

    2/ On " Finder" cell B2 is a command button that when you highlight the found word, it Highlight the word with the colour as in
    " Finder" Cell F1, then moves that word from the "Clues " dictionary and sends it to "Finder" Cell B27, and adjusting the word
    counter on "Finder" cell B1, then places the last word found in "Finder" Cell F3.

    3/ The 2 Command buttons in "Finder" in cells J,K,L, are functioning AOK.

    4/ On the "Finder" Cell M1 the word sorter command needs attention.

    I hope I have given enough information.


    Thank you to anyone that looks at this thread.


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    Re: Correct VBA codes to carry out instructions in this new program

    No, the title isn't good enough - instructions to do what??? Please update it with more specifics. Thanks.

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